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Whether you are needing custom parts cut or custom art, we are set up to do that for you, from the design work through to the finished product. 

Custom Cuts (Industrial)

    Our plasma cutting CNC enables us to provide a service for custom cut parts, brackets, and mounts.  This is great for hard to find or discontinued parts for heavy machinery, haying equipment, snow plows, etc.
    Our equipment is capable of cutting with 1/2" pierce, 3/4" sever, and for a single part size up to 32" x 48".  We cut steel or stainless steel.  We can do single part orders or production line orders.  (Discounts will apply for large quantity orders.)
    Our cutting fees are $ .15 per inch of cut and $ .15 per pierce.  Metal is priced at market rates at time of bid/order.
   We are fluent in Solidworks and can draw the part for you from your photos or even hand drawings with dimensions.  Our designing fees are $45/hr., and the first 15 minutes are free!  (Many parts can be converted to cut-ready format within 20 minutes.)  We can also render your part or prototype into a 3D model to ensure accuracy of fit for all components.
    Alternatively, if you have the design ready to go in DXF format, you can submit it directly to us via email and we will return a bid for you.  Please be sure to include your specifications including the dimensions for your project. 

matt-artz-Fu2v5drnMBA-unsplash copy.jpg
CNC Plasma cut component of a cheese press
hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy.j
Metal cutout of a raccoon
Metal cutout of a raccoon
Metal cutout of a raccoon

Customized Art

If you would like a bid on any of our designs scaled up, please let us know.

We cut both steel and stainless steel up to 1/2" pierce with 3/4" sever.  The smaller designs are done with a much thinner metal in order to keep the detail.  When we scale up, we typically go with a thicker metal in order for the artwork to remain sturdy.

You can also submit your own designs for us to cut for you.  If you have the image ready to go in a DXF format, we can provide you with a bid rather quickly.  Our prices are $.15 per inch of cut plus $.15 per pierce plus the cost of the metal at current market price at time of bid/order.  We can also do the design work for you based on a drawing or photograph that you provide.  Our design fee is $45/hr, with the first 15 minutes free!  Please feel free to email us with your request.

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