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Metal Art Cutouts

About Our Designs

Our metal art designs are done in three basic styles or collections.  Our "Barely There" line is our signature style of cutouts.  We have created these designs using a minimalist style art form resulting in truly unique works of art.  These images are meant to be viewed at a bit of a distance, allowing the "mind's eye" to finish the image depicted.  When viewed up close or with a multi-colored or dark background, you most often will not be able to depict the image.  Display it in a window allowing the outdoor daylight to be the backdrop, or on a light colored wall; stand back a bit, and voila!  We also offer "Solid Silhouettes" as well as a "Bit of Both" which is a solid cutout with some inner detail for further definition. We are continually adding new designs to our shop, so please check back frequently.  

All of our metal cutouts are designed for displaying on light colored walls or in windows with a backlit effect.  They are cut out of thin steel with the exception of larger designs which typically require thicker steel for support.  

We currently offer our metal cutouts in varying finishes. The pictures shown for each item are typically rendered with a general representation of each finish in order to show the design element most accurately.  In reality, the Natural Rust and Tempered finishes will vary from piece to piece.  Shown here are some examples of actual cutouts with the different finishes to give you a more accurate depiction of what it may look like. 

If you'd like a recommendation on a finish or would like a quote for a design scaled up or custom finished, please feel free to contact us!


Our Metal Finishes

Natural Rust

Natural Rust sample.jpg

Natural Rust is a great finish for the cutouts of animals as well as the more rustic themed pieces.  It is a very textural finish.

Tempered Steel

Tempered Steel sample.jpg

Tempered steel is a technique we use by heating the steel and cooling in a way that brings out the inherent qualities of the metal.  We typically use this patina for the hummingbirds and fish to depict the iridescent qualities of them in nature.

Matte Black

Matte Black sample.jpg

Our Matte Black finish is a flat black metal paint which gives high definition to each piece.  This is a great choice for the ultimate contrast against light colored walls.  The black works well with both modern or rustic decor.

For the Tempered/Tarnished finish, we apply an acidic mist which subdues the colors from tempering and transforms the patina into a "tarnished" look giving it a sepia tone or nostalgic effect.  Similar to the Rust look without the added texture. These patinas will vary from section to section as well as from piece to piece.  The subtle color gives the artwork a very rich look and blends well with any decor.


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