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Metal Art cutout of rooster chicken

Approximate size:  12" x 10 3/4"

Both the Natural Rust and Tempered finishes will vary per piece.  For more detailed information about our finishes, please see our "Metal Finishes" page.

Part of our "Barely There" collection; our own personal designs that we have created using a minimalist style art form. These images are meant to be viewed at a bit of a distance, allowing the "mind's eye" to finish the image depicted. When viewed up close or with a multi-colored or dark background, you most often will not be able to depict the image. Display it in a window allowing the outdoor daylight to be the backdrop, or on a light colored wall; stand back a bit, and voila! Your choice of finish.

Rooster Chicken (small)

SKU: RCS0322
  • All of our cutouts will be packaged and shipped for best arrival results.  You will find an information sheet enclosed for the safest way to unpack and display your artwork along with color coordinated nails and placement markings for each piece. 

    If your artwork arrives damaged, please report it to the carrier immediately and then give us a call and we will work with getting you a replacement.


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